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The Architects New Tool for Social Distancing



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IR as the program is called, is Spanish meaning “to go.” I found this being an appropriate name mainly for its simplicity but also for the meaning of movement. We are all trying to get somewhere and the process and paths we take will influence the journey as a whole.

Happy to announce a new simulation program I have working on, a navigational application for architects to study circulation within their design, and taking into account Social Distancing Rules.

This Navigation Application is meant for you to begin visualising how people will be moving around your space. This can be a floor plan layout, a whole building, or the urban environment. The program will allow for as large of a scale as you need.

For Architects, this is meant to study the circulation or navigation through a space, while also taking into account social distancing rules. This way you can have an idea on how will people be moving through, what paths could they take, and how many people they will encounter along the way.

I am very happy to announce this and look forward to the next phases. We are moving into creating Version 2 of this application, this is adding more features and a better user experience. We appreciate any and all feedback as this allows us to push for a better product for you.

IR_ArchNavAPP_V2 pic 6.png


Enter your name and email for updates and download links for future versions. 

We appreciate any feedback and comments on the system, thus allowing us to improve it to better help you.

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Thanks for submitting! Download Button Below.

We have removed Version 1 Beta for download; this is due to we are moving forward to develop Version 2.0 

Please we appreciate any and all feedback for this project, this way we may improve it for your benefit. If you wish to have a copy of Version 1 please send us a message above or through our email. 

Thank You!!!


Version 2 Trailer

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